Blockchain Security Audit

The SlowMist Team has rich security research experience in bitcoins, Ethereum, Monroe and other public blockchain, and has deep accumulation in the security of key modules such as node configuration, node communication, consensus algorithms, and contract virtual machine. Disclosed the global security attacks such as ETH BLACK Valentine's Day, and also opened up the EOS bp nodes security checklist, VeChain core nodes security checklist, and Ontology Triones Service Node security checklist, and have a strong lead in public blockchain security architecture solutions.

Processing Flow

Blockchain Security Audit Program

Serial Number Audit Class Audit Subclass
1 Code Security Built-in function security audit
Standard libraries security audit
Third party libraries security audit
SQL Injection Audit
Memory leak audit
Arithmetic audit
Resource consumption audit
Exception handling audit
Log security audit
2 P2P Security Deserialization algorithm audit
Serialization module fuzzing test
Process crash audit
Number of connections occupied by audit
Connection timeout limit
Message size limit
Eclipse attack
Communication encryption audit
3 RPC Security Unlock password strength check
Same origin policy audit
Weak random number seed
Timeout protection
Remote call permission
4 Encrypted Signature Security Hash algorithm scheme audit
Public - private key system audit
Length extension attack audit
5 Account And Transaction Models Security Double spend attack audit
Transaction replay audit
Fee mechanism audit
6 Smart Contract Virtual Machine Security Code security audit
Contract pre-execute audit
Overflow audit
7 Consensus Security Cross-platform inconsistent execution
Block competition audit
Transaction queue sort audit

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