Smart Contract Security Audit

The SlowMist Team has audited more than 400 well-known smart contracts covering Ethereum, EOS, AChain, VeChain, ONT, Nebulas and other public-chain platforms. Discover dozens of high-risk, medium-risk security issues. SlwoMist is the first domestic recommendation to enter the Etherscan smart contract security audit. The audit report has been recognized by dozens of well-known exchanges and won the OKEx Best Security Audit Partner Award. The hundreds of customers who have served have given a high degree of recognition and appreciation.

Processing Flow

Smart Contract Security Audit Program

ETH Security Audit

Serial Number Audit Class Audit Subclass
1 Overflow Audit -
2 Race Conditions Audit -
3 Permission Vulnerability Audit Authority Vulnerability Audit
Excessive auditing authority Audit
4 Safety Design Audit Zeppelin Module Safe Use Audit
Compiler Version Security Audit
Hard-coded Address Security Audit
Fallback Function Safe Use Audit
Show Coding Security Audit
Function Return Value Security Audit
Call Function Security Audit
5 Denial of Service Audit -
6 Gas Optimization Audit -
7 Design Logic Audit -
8 "False-Deposit" Vulnerability Audit -
9 Malicious Event Log Audit -
10 Scoping and Declarations Audit -
11 Replay Attack Audit ECDSA's Signature Replay Audit
12 Uninitialized Storage Pointer Audit -
13 Arithmetic Accuracy Deviation Audit -

EOS Security Audit

Serial Number Audit Class Audit Subclass
1 Overflow Audit -
2 Authority Control Audit Authority Vulnerability Audit
Authority Excessive Audit
3 Safety Design Audit Hard-coded Audit
Show coding Audit
Abnormal check Audit
Type safety Audit
4 Denial of Service Audit -
5 Performance Optimization Audit -
6 Design Logic Audit -
7 False Notice Audit -
8 False Error Notification Audit -
9 Counterfeit Token Audit -
10 Random Number Security Audit -
11 Rollback Attack Audit -
12 Replay Attack Audit -

Supported Exchanges

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