Smart Contract Security Audit

The SlowMist security team has audited nearly 600 well-known smart contracts, covering public blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, AChain, VeChain, ONT, and Nebulas. Meanwhile, dozens of high- and medium-risk safety issues were discovered. SlowMist is the first domestic company to enter the Etherscan smart contract security audit recommendation list. The audit report service has been recognized by dozens of well-known exchanges and has won the OKEx Best Security Audit Partner Award. Hundreds of customers served by SlowMist have expressed high recognition and appreciation.

Processing Flow

Smart Contract Security Audit Program

ETH Security Audit

Serial Number Audit Class Audit Subclass
1 Overflow Audit -
2 Race Conditions Audit -
3 Permission Vulnerability Audit Authority Vulnerability Audit
Excessive auditing authority Audit
4 Safety Design Audit Zeppelin Module Safe Use Audit
Compiler Version Security Audit
Hard-coded Address Security Audit
Fallback Function Safe Use Audit
Show Coding Security Audit
Function Return Value Security Audit
Call Function Security Audit
5 Denial of Service Audit -
6 Gas Optimization Audit -
7 Design Logic Audit -
8 "False-Deposit" Vulnerability Audit -
9 Malicious Event Log Audit -
10 Scoping and Declarations Audit -
11 Replay Attack Audit ECDSA's Signature Replay Audit
12 Uninitialized Storage Pointer Audit -
13 Arithmetic Accuracy Deviation Audit -

EOS Security Audit

Serial Number Audit Class Audit Subclass
1 Overflow Audit -
2 Authority Control Audit Authority Vulnerability Audit
Authority Excessive Audit
3 Safety Design Audit Hard-coded Audit
Show coding Audit
Abnormal check Audit
Type safety Audit
4 Denial of Service Audit -
5 Performance Optimization Audit -
6 Design Logic Audit -
7 False Notice Audit -
8 False Error Notification Audit -
9 Counterfeit Token Audit -
10 Random Number Security Audit -
11 Rollback Attack Audit -
12 Replay Attack Audit -

Supported Exchanges

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